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We’re thrilled to launch goShare, our first in a series of open-ended creativity events. Ritu Bhasin, author of The Authenticity Principle and well-known speaker on diversity and inclusion, women’s advancement, leadership and self-empowerment, inspired us to be more authentic as a way to improve our own collaboration, creativity and inclusivity in the design community.

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Every year, we take a week to step away from deadlines and screens to catch our breaths and get newly inspired. To celebrate our 6th year, we took in the Fast Company Innovation Festival in venues throughout NYC. From drag queens and social-savvy Gen Z’ers, to start-up CEOs and industry experts, the speakers and workshops opened our minds, stretched our thinking and filled us with fuel for another year of ideation and creation.

LET’S goDutch
Better together

Shared responsibility and true collaboration encourages a more diverse point-of-view. We invite clients, creative partners and consumers into the process to strengthen ideas, expand creativity and execute holistically.

No one brand challenge is the same, neither is our approach. We embrace ambiguity and meet every creative challenge with liberal experimentation, and ideas and executions that push boundaries and span experiences.


All great brands do more with less. It’s a belief and our reality. A small team keeps the process nimble and efficient. No hierarchy or politics keep it fun and drama free.


Our view on the city and the world is born of the diverse global experience of our team – from New York, Chicago, San Francisco, to Beijing, Singapore, London and Geneva – combined with strong, local roots.


From innovation and brand creation to fully realized brand guidelines, the combination of design and creativity, with insights and strategy, is part of everything we do.

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