Creating an identity with impact.

The Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital is one of the world’s premier research centers devoted to development and application of advanced biomedical imaging technologies.

The Center is home to roughly 100 faculty researchers and more than 200 affiliated and visiting faculty, postdoctoral research fellows and graduate students, who use advanced imaging technologies to investigate a broad range of biologically and medically significant questions.

Impressive in accomplishments, the Center lacked an identity that reflected their stature in the research community. The Martinos Center came to goDutch for help creating a brand identity that reflected their collaborative nature and celebrated their impact on the world.


We are scientists, catalysts, futurists; radical in thought, collaborative in approach. Together, we act as a Spark for change.

Outsiders see our Spark as magic. But our Spark is a deliberate process, created in our minds and built with our hands. It is generated from our diverse views, powered from our collective energy.

Our Spark signals the beginning of a revolution. The reactions we cause are not for the benefit of us, but our gift to all of humanity.

The Martinos Spark of Innovation – a symbolic statement of the mark we make on the world.

“Our Spark signals the beginning of a revolution.”

Our Spark signals the beginning of a revolution.